1. G.N.D.N.
    Sorry I joined and kinda abandoned you, lifes been hecktic so just to let u know i have not stopped coming here i just havnt been on in a while....... so with that hi.
  2. Shadar Al'Niende
    Shadar Al'Niende
    no worries! been nuts for me too, apparently we are growing in number! haha
  3. G.N.D.N.
    so i noticed, awsome to not be alone! yeah personally i just havnt gotten on for a while cause i still need parts for the saber i will be building (or getting built, i need someone with a lathe, this would be my first and im not to sure if its like taboo to have someone build your first.) like a soundboard so ive just been waiting for ultrasound 3 to come out. but you guys didnt really need to hear that rant. lolz
  4. Shadar Al'Niende
    Shadar Al'Niende
    sorry to rain on your parade man, Ultrasounds are no longer being made... there are some other solutions though. Why do you need a lathe? Not using MHS parts?
  5. G.N.D.N.
    I emailed tcss and they said they would be making version 3.0.... dang. Anyway i am using MHS parts but the hilt wont fit the battle blades from ultrasabers (its like 1 mm off, tried jamming one in and i spent the next 10 minutes tugging on it to get it out), and I want it to so ill be modding it slightly.
  6. Shadar Al'Niende
    Shadar Al'Niende
    Could just sand the blade...
  7. G.N.D.N.
    ........................... *bangs head against wall untill I cant feel my forhead* wow was i not thinking?!?! well it looks like there be another. we seem to be expanding at a reasonable rate
  8. Shadar Al'Niende
    Shadar Al'Niende
    and we have added even more
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