Plo Koon's electric judgement

  1. Paden Quin Lirthwin
    Paden Quin Lirthwin
    Any body have an opinion of a Jedi using force lightining for good?
  2. Jonitus
    I've never thought of particular powers as either dark or light. I think alignment with the force is moreso related to the intent than the example. I could see situation where a Jedi might need to use Force Lightning (overloading a piece of equipment, stopping a charging creature, etc). If Mace Windu can use Force Choke on General Grevious and still be considered a Jedi, than Plo Koon should be able to use Force Lightning with no consequences.
  3. Charmaynard
    I agree, the Force isn't Light or Dark, it's how it flows through your intent & actions that bends it light or dark.
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