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saber stand

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got really bored at work so i built a stand. came out decent enough i think.

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Updated 01-02-2011 at 12:04 PM by equinox13 (fixed link)

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  1. iamdrake's Avatar
    Looks really good, I would try resizing the image though... seems a little large since i have to scroll over twice and down four times see the whole image,
  2. equinox13's Avatar
    i have no idea what you're talking about... >_>
  3. iamdrake's Avatar
    Neither do I
  4. equinox13's Avatar
    just as a point of reference, the top one is my first MHS in the process of being rebuilt, the middle is my third MHS - i'm waiting on a new pommel and insert for it, and the bottom one is my second MHS. and i'm happy with how it looks as it is, though i may do a bit more painting on it later.
  5. Rafalema's Avatar
    Personally I'd sand/smooth the "claws" that hold the sabers, otherwise, looks pretty cool!
  6. erahard's Avatar
    Nice stand equinox! I am looking for something similar but lack the ability to cut the acrilyc myself.
  7. equinox13's Avatar
    @Rafalema - i didn't have anything to mark or cut rounded edges so i went with an angular look - i might do some further sanding later, but that's pretty much it.

    @erahard - i used a dremel. went through a reinforced cutting wheel and several regular cutting wheels as well as using both sanding drum sizes to smooth it all up. the edges weren't that straight at first, but i got them lined up fairly well. ^_^
  8. th hunter's Avatar
    i like it alot very nice