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My first lightsaber

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Hey all, so I've finally got the necessary parts for my first saber build. Now it won't be anything as amazing as the stuff seen on here, but I am doing it all myself, not using any premade parts. I'll be cutting and crafting my own tubes and making my own chassis.

For the electronics, for now I've gutted an fx saber and replaced the 4.5clv aa cells with an 18650 and changed the original blue LED for a 3w CREELED in green. I will post pictures with updates but so far all ive got made up is the internal wiring.

I'm not one of these "best in the world builders" I seek and relish in criticism, I'd love to hear suggestions because next time I can build an even better saber. What I would ask, as this has been my absolute biggest struggle, is what are people using for rings on the chassis without having to make them? I'm currently messing with HDD spindles, drilled washers and insulation rings but it's not a perfect system, so please send me your thoughts!

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