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So, I've booked in with JQ Sabers to hook me up with all the sweet TCSS MHS parts I need, but they said it might be a while. In the meantime, I've been browsing wires and cables and buying some extra parts! First up in probably a long blog of mail calls is my order from for polycarbonate tube and rod!

I ordered these international economy (which quoted 12-17 working days) and it's been like, 4 days tops. Whoever delivered this wanted it delivered like woah! Anyway, I did some tests with my low-lumen LEDs I have just kicking around, and the diffusion on the rod might be ju~ust enough, with some greebly on top as an emitter, to stop a Tri-cree from insta-blinding people. Both pieces came precision made, and fit into each other snugly (which isn't necessary, but a good sign it'll fit into MHS parts too). I can't tell you how hard it is to find stuff like this in the UK guys, really tricky! The tube looks like it'll be great for building a wire-shroud / chassis for the oodles of electronics that go into sabers. I picked PC because (I literally couldn't find precision diameter anything else and it was cheap) because it has phenomenal physical properties, both in tensile strength and rigidity. The rod is a solid 1" piece which will probably never break, and the tube has 1/8" thick walls which will make it durable and allow it to be cut with slots to fixture parts into.

I guess I can start preparing pieces to make the blade plug now, and it will be filled with lovely greeblies!

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    wonderful and awesome. It provides a lot of information and knowledge about sabers and Led lights for everyone, Especially for new visitors.
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