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Build Log: Manadono's '01-01' (CF8)

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Saber Build!

Quote Originally Posted by Manadono View Post
I think 01-01 is going to be a temporary name for it.

Hello TCSS forum, and welcome to my build log!

I spent hours trying to convince myself a Graflex build would be too cliche, and it worked! Although, this saber build does pull a lot of design influence from the Vader area of lightsabers (Anakin, Vader, Starkiller and these two custom sabers I saw on google image search . If anyone knows who built them let me know, they're awesome!)...

Anyway I pulled up the MHS builder and threw together a few concepts. I originally had the MHS Graflex shaped emitter on but I thought that a different emitter and a shroud would actually be much cooler, so I changed it out for Style 1 with the idea I would put a slanted end shroud over it to achieve the same sort of feeling. I also spent literally hours switching out frag and ribbed grip sections in and out of the design, as well as windowed sections by the emitter. I later scrapped the ribbing and windows for fluting and a choke. The final MHS builder stage looks like this:

The fluting mirrors the rubber strips on the Anakin and Vader sabers and the choke will allow the shroud to create that kooky cut away look on the Starkiller (but without the crystal reveal :sadface:). I decided at this point that I wanted a mid-forward mounted speaker and the choke would be the optimal point at which to let the sound out. I originally considered ventilating kind of in-line with the saber, so the sound would scoot out forward and hit the other side of the choke and it'd be great. However, looking at the internals of the part and considering (best case scenario) it won't be me drilling these holes, I decided it would be less of a challenge to simply ventilate the choke itself with six small holes evenly spaced (two beneath the shroud, two facing down and the last two perpendicular to the 'top' of the saber). I also drew up a parts list of the items I would need to build the saber (including some low level electronics!).

The parts list is as follows:

[saber body]
MHS Blade holder 1
MHS Choke 1 short
3" Double female connector
Double ended male connector 1
3" Fluted double female connector
MPS Pommel 4
MPS Insert 13

[switches and sockets]
Activation box 18
16mm AV Momentary gold plated switch
16mm AV Momentary red ring switch
3.5mm RICE port
2.1mm Recharge port

[other electronic]
7.4v Li-ion 2600mAh 18650
RGRb Tri CREE LED star
2W 28mm Bass Speaker

MHS Heatsink and optic
MPS C clip
Brass Covertec clip
8-32 socket head screw (for covertec)
Kill plug 4
8-32 gold thumb screw (x2)

CF8 (I was originally banking on a 7.5, but hey!)
CeX (for CeXy FoC and colour mixing!!)

And then I joined this forum! I took my idea apart in my head and put it all back together piece by piece, constructing the BEST prototype you could ever imagine:

I'm still not sure about the collar on the shroud, it was originally open at the bottom, but I felt like I wanted a bit more of that graflexy feel... Anyway, this stick of card has a fairly in-depth teardown of the saber, where threads are, where screws and holes need to go, how long each part is etc. and I'm sure it will still be helpful when I start putting together (maybe not)!

Anyway, I've started getting things in for the build, first of all this!

for CeXy FoC :>

See you in the next update!

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