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Crystal Chamber Pt. III

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Ok, so I have an updated chamber that I'm going to put into my brother's Obi-Wan hilt that I posted in an earlier blog post. In part I, I showed off an incomplete version of what is below. This is the finished version, without the wiring, of course. I decided to put the original crystal back in it, and had to adjust it to get it to fit.

I will work on the wiring probably next weekend, since I will be busy the rest of this week (it was nice having Pres. Day off of work). There won't be much of a switch to this but something real simple. The replica hilt of my brother's doesn't have much room inside of it, and it certainly has no place for a switch without extensive modifications, which I won't be doing without his permission. This will be for display only pretty much, and (as of right now) will have a small switch inside it when opened, so the lighted crystal can be seen.

This is sort of a practice run for me for when I purchase my own MHS parts to build my personal saber. I won't begin on that interior until I have the pieces, since I won't know the accurate ID to fit everything.

As usual, comments and crits are welcome!!!

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  1. cardcollector's Avatar
    This is very well done!
  2. captain_mills's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cardcollector
    This is very well done!
    Thanks, pal!
  3. dgdve's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cardcollector
    This is very well done!
    what he said.. plus I love how your waiting until the parts to actually arrive before finalizing your other build... I see an AMAZING saber build in your future(yeah I can tell..)
  4. jin starkiller's Avatar
    very good job on your chamber
  5. vctrsone's Avatar
    yep thats looking great mills.
  6. vctrsone's Avatar
    ooh and mills the best way to give your acrylic crystal the polished look is to take to it with a oxy-hydrogen gas has to be hydrogen as it burns clean ...your local sign shop will have one..get them to simply wave the flame over it and itl make it crystal clear..the place I buy my acrylic rod from told me about it and said they would do it for me.
  7. Marco's Avatar
    Did you drill the screw threads yourself in the washers? Or do they come with them?

    best regards

  8. cardcollector's Avatar
    That entire chamber is custom made from parts you can get any harware store.
  9. captain_mills's Avatar
    Hey Marco,

    CC's right. I picked up some 1 1/8 standard washers at the local hardware store (LHS) and drilled the holes myself. The TCSS shop here sells discs with the holes pre-drilled, but these I did custom. Turned out that I didn't like them so I wound up throwing this setup out, so I'll start over with a new chassis/sled for my second saber. I couldn't wrap my brain around how to do the wiring and fit a chamber inside at the same time, lol!

    Thanks for looking!
  10. madmaxx's Avatar
    wow that looks about to do my first chamber saber build and your pics have given me moments of pause....i got two questions though. where did you get the battery case ?which is a 3aaa round case is it not? and also what are you using to support the crystal?are they bezels??
  11. cardcollector's Avatar
    the 3 aaa holder you can find at

    and those are 5mm LED bezels.
  12. captain_mills's Avatar
    madmaxx and cardcollector:

    The 3AAA holder is taken from one of the cheap $2 flashlights you can get at the local auto parts or hardware store. They typically sit on the shelves as advertisements inticing folks to make a last-minute purchase they really don't need, lol. The cost of these flashlights is much cheaper than purchasing from and paying for shipping as well... Look for them there before making the commitment to mouser. Not saying it's bad, just saying there may be more efficient ways to get them.

    And yes, the bezels are 5mm bezels for LED's... Purchased at the local Radio Shack for about $1.50 for the pair...

    Hope that helps! Feel free to ask if you have other questions...
  13. madmaxx's Avatar
    arr cool.that is very helpful info and i'll put it to good use.I have plans to do a royal blue saber with an exposed chamber using the mhs chamber peice.I have a few types of crystals at my disposal and after seeing your design I've decided to go with a royal blue irregular acrylic crystal and a bright white LED and bezel set up similar to yours.I hope you dont mind me adapting your ideas but it is very helpful to see how someone else tackles a problem.thanks again.
  14. captain_mills's Avatar
    Of course I don't mind...

    I am flattered, actually... I never wound up using this chamber in my first saber because I screwed up and put the activation switch in the pommel. Terrible idea. There are much better sabersmiths who will tell you it can still be successful, but with my limited skills, it was a very bad choice. I hope to build another saber this summer and make it much more successful. I may include a crystal chamber in this next one, but it won't be lit up... I'll save that for a third... maybe.