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Hey all,

I am just going to post in this blog what sabers (and any other hobbies) I work on in the future, I probably won't post much, but thought I'd go ahead and start. Some background Bio on saber building is as follows...
- I started building sabers back in January 2009. I have built around 10 metal sabers, and abut 30 PVC since then. I have every economy hasbro soundboard on the market, so if you ever have questions about one, I can probably help you out.
- I started making sabers for commision back in October 2009, under the name "323 Custom Sabers" Why "323" Because Everything I do I strive to do according to Colossians 3:23 "whatever you do, do it heartily, as working for the Lord and not for men."
- I go by Sollus Vir on the FX sabers Forum. I don't post much, just an occasional saber I've made...

So right now I am currently teaching a class of 8 or so guys how to make their own PVC sabers, last week The majority of them finished their wiring, so they fought with them. It was pretty funny to see them all trying to act "jediish" with their sabers. Next week I am going to give them some pointers on dueling well...

So that's it for now...

Always building,

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  1. iamdrake's Avatar
    I wish I could have been in the class... I would have been the angry guy yelling at my saber... You know acting all sithy!!
  2. cardcollector's Avatar
    Don't worry there was one of those guys.... he blamed his losses in a very loud voice on his tonfa...

    Very funny to watch!