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Power/ led problems

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Hi all
I've built a few sabers with no problems, until now ! I've built a Luke
ROTJ bottom half master replicas, top half custom build, thin neck.
I tested with a three aaa battery pack, Luke board, 3w green led,
No problems. I then changed the power to a 4.8 four AA nmh pack
And after a few minutes the led flickers. When I put the lower power
Pack in its fine. Is it a led heatsink problem ?
I'll try and upload pics of my sabers when I work out how !
Thanks for any help

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  1. NooB1Kenobi's Avatar
    I can't get enough power to my LED to make it bright off of 3 AAA's or 3 AA's.. Add a fourth battery and it's like Tony Stark swapping out his chest piece with a new improved one... Woah!