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PVC Rahm Kota

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I decided to put together a Rahm Kota saber at a cheap cost. It'll be a variant. Somewhere between the one Rahm Kota had and what it became when Galen Marek used it... I'm using the one from the 'net I found as inspiration. It's made of 1" PVC for the main body, with an endcap and a coupling. The blade holder is also 1" pvc with a 3/4" grey PVC lathe-turned to fit inside. all the parts are lathed down in my wood lathe except the main body.

The electronics are from a Hasbro Mace Windu... which may cause a problem (will explain later). I've soldered on the 3AAA battery pack from a cheap auto parts flashlight. The 4AAA wouldn't fit, lol... I'm leaving the soundboard and the LEDs in tact until I can eventually afford to upgrade this one. The LED pad will be held into place with a 1/4" thick piece of the grey pvc tubing that I turned down. As for the switch... the one on the board is a tactile switch and not a momentary like the Obi-wan is... Live and learn, right? It'll be the last Mace saber I buy. I will include a close-up of the switch if anyone wants to request.

The leather wrapping will come soon... Hoping to have the electronics sorted out before. Crazy, but the electronics don't intimidate me as much as the wrapping does, lol...

Enjoy the pics! Gimme some feedback if you'd like.

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  1. iainm's Avatar
    Beautiful! What's the overall length? 12" 14" I'm looking at MHS parts right now so an idea of the overall length will be useful. Thanks.