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need to know?

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want to build my lightsaber with sound and light. am going with P4 white, need wiring diagram and info for the rest? thank you.

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  1. iamdrake's Avatar
    Hook you LED up to your sound board, attach a speaker, and throw some batteries in. Voila you have a lightsaber with sound and light. If you would like more information I would suggest trying to use the search function. There are some things that you seem to have left out. What type of sound board? What type of batteries? Do you want a recharge port? Perhaps you want clash of flash. Will you be running any accent LEDs? Will you be going with a buckpuck? Or a resistor perhaps? Take the time to search through the board and read a lot. You will learn most of what you need to know, and can then ask specific questions. I wish you the best of luck. Your welcome.
  2. hebert466's Avatar
    does the $50 LED driver at the custom saber shop have sound?
  3. iamdrake's Avatar
  4. hebert466's Avatar
    thank you.