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n00b! So you want to build a MHS saber huh?

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Okay, My head is ready to explode reading the posts by lazy people who want to be spoonfed, so I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do (no, not take out Mafia hits on all of you), I'm gonna SPELL it out right here!

If you follow this tutorial, you WILL end up with a BASIC working LED MHS lightsaber!

Step 1:

Choose a LED blade holder from this link--->

It comes with the blade holder, heatsink, and nylon screws that are used to attach the LED to the heatsink.

Step 2:

Buy this blade retention screw--->

It can be cut later if it is too long for your particular blade holder.

Step 3:

Choose a Hilt (style 1 thru 4) from this link--->

These have pre-drilled switch holes and female threads at both ends. It is the "handle of your saber". Don't get bogged down with chokes or extentions or any of that crap! We are going SIMPLE here!

Step 4:

Choose a pommel, one insert and one clip from this link--->

This will be the "end cap" assembly of your saber. Just pick the ones that you like (one of each).

Step 5:

Choose this Modular wiring kit (leave all of the other default selections as-is)--->

and LED module (and pick the color LED you want)--->

This kit has ALL of the BASIC electronics that you need! Don't get all crazy with extras! Build this one first and you can add sound or a driver to it when you know enough to do so!

Step 6:

Buy a 36" blade, this is the best one for a beginner--->

It is bright and YES, you can battle with it!

Step 7:

Tools you MUST have to do this project include:

1. Soldering Iron (Here is a link to a nice basic kit with EVERYTHING you will need!)--->

2. Heatshrink (1 foot is more than enough)--->

3. PPE (personal protective eyewear), goggles, etc. You don't want to burn your eyeballs out with flying solder do you!

4. Drill and tap set--->

Used to drill and tap the hole for the blade set screw. BTW, you need a hand drill too!

5. Tap handle--->

Used to hold the tap while you tap the hole that you drilled for the blade retention screw.

Step 8:

Order all the "stuff" from steps 1-7

Step 9:

Don't visit the forum again until you get all of your stuff in the mail, you'll just confuse yourself!

Step 10:

Follow the basic MHS assembly tutorial--->

Drill and tap your blade retention screw hole and add the screw!--->

Step 11:

take a few digital pictures and upload them to--->

and then post them here for all of us to see!

Step 12:

Read, Read, Read and in no time you will be building more advanced sabers! (and the questions that you ask won't get you flayed alive!)

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    I did NOT write this. I just blogged it for easier reference.