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  1. DM, techincal question... I am creating a PVC Force Unleashed Saber, in the picture it shows the anti Vandal switch in the upper portion of the hilt. I have built the hilt but due to the size of the Vandal switch am concerned about the fit due to the blade and LED locations... I know I will have to use a box to bring the switch up some from the PVC, but as you know things get tight in there. I am thinking a ribbon cable and moly connectors. The ribbon cable could be flattened and hot glued down, but I am afraid it wont hold down even if the LED is aft of the switch a little bit... I was also thinking of a smaller wire than ribbon. I am almost willing to try building a sled at this point so I only have to worry about two wires to hold in plce up forward... What are your thoughts on forward switch placement?


  2. That's cool, thanks.
  3. It gives a flicker and sound effect if left alone, and then I think it does shut down, but I will double check and let you know for sure.
  4. Jr, nice saber. I really like the sound. Does the saber shut off automaticly after 20 seconds or so like the previeous force action sabers?
  5. pics and MP4 are up of my new saber!
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