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  1. Crystal Chamber Pt. III

    Ok, so I have an updated chamber that I'm going to put into my brother's Obi-Wan hilt that I posted in an earlier blog post. In part I, I showed off an incomplete version of what is below. This is the finished version, without the wiring, of course. I decided to put the original crystal back in it, and had to adjust it to get it to fit.

    I will work on the wiring probably next weekend, since I will be busy the rest of this week (it was nice having Pres. Day off of work). There ...
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  2. Crystal Chamber Pt. II

    Hello again...

    I spent the afternoon custom-making a crystal for the chamber. Took a piece of clear acrylic and put it to the grinding wheel. There's some "gunk" on the edges that I need to clean off (anyone know how to polish acrylic??). Otherwise, It's about 1 1/2" long and about 1/2" in diameter. It fits nicely into my chamber, and lights up nicely... Still not as bright as I'd like it to be though...

    Album Image #1
    Album Image #2 ...

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  3. Crystal Chamber & Saber Interior

    So, today I decided to start work on the interior of my saber. There will have to be some adjustments, as I don't have my MHS saber parts yet, and have no idea exactly what the interior diameter will be on each of the parts. I consider this to be a trial run anyway, and I'm looking for suggestions and comments.

    The LED is supposed to be green, but the way I have it wired, it's running off 4AAA's at 1.2V each (4.8V total) and with a 100 ohm resistor, it isn't bright enough to be ...
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  4. New to saber building

    hey guys i just got an account here and I'm a little new to the whole saber building thing, I've bought some stuff at the saber shop and was wondering if i got everything right. I plan to make this saber out of the 1.25" sink tube and install a hasbo 2010 anakin lightsaber soundboard that I've alread taken out of the saber. Here is the list of things I have so far:
    • 1.25" sink tube
    • 1.25" sink tube blade holder
    • Luxeon Collimator Lens 8.7 deg viewing angle
    • Luxeon rebel
  5. sound

    I am going with P4 LED (white) and using the LED driver from Custom Saber Shop. I am getting a toy w/sound for the sound board. My questions are; Can I "feed" the sound board through the LED driver or the other way around? If they have to be parallel will they work well together (i.e. the clash sound with the flash of the LED)? Also going with rechargable battery pack, is there a max volt that I have to keep from going over for the sound board (the LED driver can take up to 24V)?

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