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  1. Crystal Chamber Pt. III

    Ok, so I have an updated chamber that I'm going to put into my brother's Obi-Wan hilt that I posted in an earlier blog post. In part I, I showed off an incomplete version of what is below. This is the finished version, without the wiring, of course. I decided to put the original crystal back in it, and had to adjust it to get it to fit.

    I will work on the wiring probably next weekend, since I will be busy the rest of this week (it was nice having Pres. Day off of work). There ...
  2. Build Log: Manadono's '01-01' (CF8)

    Saber Build!

    Quote Originally Posted by Manadono View Post
    I think 01-01 is going to be a temporary name for it.

    Hello TCSS forum, and welcome to my build log!

    I spent hours trying to convince myself a Graflex build would be too cliche, and it worked! Although, this saber build does pull a lot of design influence from the Vader area of lightsabers (Anakin, Vader, Starkiller and these two custom sabers I saw on google image search . If anyone knows who built them let