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  1. The first video completion date

    Alright, yesterday I sat down and divided all the aspects of saber building into different build categories. I am working on the introductory video that will be 3-5 minutes long... I hope to finish that and post it right after the first of the year. After that, I hope to post a new part in the building process at least every two weeks.

    The majority of that time won't be building, but editing.
    Always building,

    After some thinking (and

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  2. I think I'm gonna do it...

    Well guys, I have thought long and hard about this after reading a request by Novastar and I don't know how many on youtube about making a video series on how to make a lightsaber from completely scratch. I have a nice camera, the right software, enough parts lying around, and free evenings, so why not?

    I am going to be building a pvc stunt saber, so more people will be able to just "go out and make one" because it is a lot easier and cheaper to make a saber out of PVC. ...