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  1. cardcollector's Avatar
    Sage advice. I think I will do it that way. Thank you for the tips.

    If this is popular enough upon release, I plan to do a sinktube build using an economy board and recharge port...

    So hopefully I can get the project done on 1-2 months...
  2. dgdve's Avatar
    I say... Dont release them until you have the entire series in hand, then release them all over a 3 day period(weekend).. Even if it takes you awhile to edit them you want viewers to think it happened near instantaneously. Youtube projects that take to long to complete either go unnoticed, as in you find it when its only half released and it's interesting.. but not enough to wait.. OR viewers will rush ahead of the video's.. Your charging these guys(and ladies) up, they are getting the bug.. you know when you start.. you'd better finish explaining fast or they will go on without you and most likely... fail.

    I think this is a terrific idea at its core, be sure to include a text.txt parts list, that way they can "print this" take it to the hardware store (include everything from the size to what gauge it is).. "buy this" from tcss... I mean make it soooooooo basic bro.... 4AA battery direct drive clicky switch, no accent led's, no extra holes, (I wouldnt do a shroud) or else you should release an... advanced version(yeah I like that idea)... showing how you modify the original version with some extra shroud and maybe a blinky or something "bling"... Hell, maybe do an advanced II version and put a econo board in it, just need the board+tip42, a "dummy cell" to drop back to 4.5v(easier than wiring the regulator), a new speaker(get a speaker holder and mount the original 4aa pack to it), and a new swing sensor(both optional of course I guess).. move the switch wires to the board instead of direct drive and wire the led to the board.. sooo easy..

    but my point is to continue with the original saber started in video 1
  3. iamdrake's Avatar
    I would go section by section, then make a compilation when it is all completed.
  4. cardcollector's Avatar
    Is that an offfer of sponsorship?
    JK- I am contemplating the FOC. On the one hand I would like to use it because, well, its FOC! On the other hand I want to keep wiring things relatively simple for those who haven't ever wired before...

    Contemplating, I am.
  5. Skottsaber's Avatar
  6. cardcollector's Avatar
    Don't worry there was one of those guys.... he blamed his losses in a very loud voice on his tonfa...

    Very funny to watch!
  7. iamdrake's Avatar
    I wish I could have been in the class... I would have been the angry guy yelling at my saber... You know acting all sithy!!