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Crystal Chambers
01-11-2010, 08:22 AM
As my 2 first sabers are nearly complete I thought I should begin order 3 as this one will have power coat and some features that may take some time so I want to get it rolling.

I will need the MHS milled down for PC under an overlay and to have the retention screw hole drilled first and re-tapped.

BH 15
Choke 2
Ribbed extention v-grooved
6" extention
Pommel style 6
insert style 1
MPS clip

Activation box 3
Natural card
SPST Momentary tactile switch (tall one)
slider switch

4 - 3/8 buttom heads (for sinktube)
8/32 - 1/4 set screw

Green P4 kit
3.3 resistor
on/off switch
10 degree lens (if/when the're back in stock...Already have 2, 5 degrees I'm not using.)


I want to try a MR board for this one which I haven't done...US 2.5 but not MR. Until I can find one I might just run it direct.

The only things I'm unsure of is...

1- Can I hide the tac switch under the card on the switch box (size issue?, have plan if it fits). The only problem I can see is it's only good with a soundcard so If I go direct I have no where to put a switch and I wanna keep it clean.
2- The ID of the ribbed extension? No dimensions in the store. (haven't looked anywhere else) 1.15..search-fu!
3- best screws for mounting activation box 3.

I will look further for these answers but wanted to post my list up anyways so I'll update it as needed.

01-11-2010, 08:50 AM
Look up Eastern57's Lighthound PCB mod. This allows you to use a momentary switch (like a tactile) with a MR/HFX or direct drive application.

On a side note, I have mounted a mini slider under the card and slide the card for activation.

Crystal Chambers
01-11-2010, 09:22 AM

I considered the slider but I don't want the card to slide or have any holes in it. I thought I could alter the box by adding ends to it and filing the card holder on an angle so the tactile holds it up level.