View Full Version : Compendium CD Troubleshooting (both CD#1 and CD#2)

11-06-2009, 03:38 PM
Generally, I hear very little trouble with the CDs... and when I do, it's usually via e-mail or youtube--but I'm happy to help on the threads too.

I'm GUESSING I won't hear all THAT much from people on this thread... but... it's here if you need it. For starters, a lot is covered on my website: http://www.thecuttingedge.s5.com/cd.html (scroll down for the "FAQ" information) ... but obviously that won't always help.

I'm not perfect, so... if there ARE mistakes with the CDs--I want to know about it and fix them.

* With v1, we had a few VERY MINOR issues, which were fixed for v1.1 pretty quickly
* With v2, it's so early in the game (today = November 6th, 2009)... I've no idea
******* UPDATE: I've not heard a bloody singular issue with CD#2, so... I guess we're 'good'!

Obviously I test all my wacky sounds and what not... but you never know what "bug hunting" (as Erv says) you'll have to do. For any doubting mustafas... we can clearly see that even Erv makes HUMAN mistakes, with some of the corrections needed in the past firmwares.

So... the moral = don't be surprised if you find a mistake... and... DON'T KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Tell me so that I can determine if the error is on my side or yours.

Further... when you have issues--it *can* be related to issues with CF (duh). So that adds another layer of "trouble" so-to-speak.