View Full Version : My own board/driver

05-13-2006, 07:54 AM
I am planning on building my own soundboard/driver for EL. Of course, this is a strange task for somone not too familiar with electronics, so I will need lots of help... These are the things I am planning on doing.

I already have most of the sounds I need, I am just lacking in some of the clash sounds, and the sound they make when they get held together. When it turns on, it should sort of "fade in" very quickly, preferably in a second or less. I seem to recall somone posting somthing about a capacitor and resistor together, which I think will acomplish this from what he said. (It will at least cause it to "fade out" when it turned off.) I also have parts such as clash springs and motion sensors from fried hasbro boards. I intend to have it so that when it clashes, the blade flashes slightly brighter for a moment, (possibly via a capacitor?) and also to have it so that it will be wired to both a clash spring and a momentary switch so that when you hold down the switch it will "flicker" between brighter and dimmer and also do the sound of blades being held together. When the motion sensor goes off, it should be able to interrupt itself, not like the hasbro one that is on a cycle. I have already the sound for power up, power down, idle, and swing. It will be wired so that 12v will come in, and 12v will come out. The hard part will be figuring out how it will all work. I suppose I should get somthing like "Electronics for Dummies"[:D] Anyway suggestions and help will be appriciated.


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