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Cristar Attevan
09-25-2009, 08:10 PM
Hey, Tim... I was wondering if a powder coating finish like the one used on this blade would be possible: http://christophernavetta.com/tempart/sog1.jpg


It's a metallic finish, closer to the look of automobile paint, as opposed to the completely solid colors like most of your standard colors are. (Although not as glossy as most auto paint) Although I've never seen the Copper Jacket Metallic PC in person, I would estimate that it's very similar to that, but of course in a medium silver-grey. According to the knife manufacturer's website, it is in fact powder coated, so I was curious if you could get the materials to do it. Thanks for any info!

Onli-Won Kanomi
09-25-2009, 11:24 PM
Nice though it looks like a bead-blasted finish which Strydur already offers? Are you sure thats an actual coloured PC and not simply a clear PC over a bead blasted blade? It does look nice though...very Prequel Trilogy clan-saber understated efficiency looking imo...some saber designs would look good with that finish however it is achieved.

Cristar Attevan
09-26-2009, 10:41 AM
I agree, Onli-Won... it's a cool finish!

Well, according to the SOG site, it is powder coated. I don't have that actual knife, but I have a knock-off, and it's definitely coated and not just blasted. (I was originally going to photograph or scan mine to show here, but it looks exactly like the one in those photos, so there was really no point.) And the matte finish is very nice... metallics are so often glossy, and this combo of metallic/matte looks great in person.

Here's a close-up of a section of the blade:

My intention for the saber I'm working on was to media-blast one section, PC one section to look like this, and leave the rest the uncoated (or unblasted) aluminum. I think it'd look great to have an all silver/grey scheme, and still retain the very metallic look even in the coated areas.

I would guess that it might look something like this (but perhaps a bit more matte):
(Please forgive the meddlesome Photoshopping to your image, Tim! :) )

Hopefully I can get it done!