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03-03-2006, 09:36 AM
Hi everyone;

I'm new here, but having owned and built several EL lightsabers, I thought I would ask questions here. Having had diabetes, I find that I don't have the fine touch anymore to build my own sabers due to nuerapthy [numb fingers]. I saw an LED saber on Ebay that I wanted, It was an Obi-wan style with an MR sound module. It was close to my own personal design and I thought if I won it, maybe I could find someone to modify it slightly. I lost when the bidding reach $335. It's listed again now, with a price exceeding that. If anyone here has machine shop access and would like to help me fullfill my dream, let me know. My saber design has a front end assembly similar to Obi-wan's from EP4 and the rear section is similar to Obi-wans's from EP1. I will post pictures if anyone is interested. I did make a static hilt sometime ago, close to the final design.

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