View Full Version : No room for Resonance chamber and batteries...Suggestions?

11-17-2007, 05:33 AM
Hey wsup guys, I was just finishing up the final pieces on my first lux saber and just needed to wire up a MR Luke sound board when i noticed i didn't have any room left over for a resonance chamber for my speakers.

I'm using a 1.25 sink tube 11in long. I'm using 4 NiMH 2800mah batteries to power my mr board sound board and a direct drive Lux 3 Cyan. all controlled with a single latching switch

the only think i can think of is to use 4 NiMH 1.2v AAA batteries instead but would that be good enough to fully power a lux 3 cyan and a MR Luke soudn board?

The higherst MAH i could find on a AAA was a 1200mah. would 4 of those be able to power the saber for more than 1 hour?

Jay-gon Jinn
11-17-2007, 10:58 PM
The AAA's should give you about an hour...my son's saber uses an Anakin soundboard and 4 AAA's and that's about what we get...although his also has a micropuck and a Lux I Star/O led .

11-18-2007, 01:18 AM
Getting creative with the pommel, blocking that area and drilling holes in the bottom of the hilt might yield the sound resonance results you want.

All depends.

11-18-2007, 02:59 AM
Hey there, glad to see a new saber smith getting his stripes :)

Keep in mind that mAH (milliamp hour) is a rating of capacity, not overal power supply ability. Higher mAH rating means that battery can last for longer with the same power output as another battery with lower mAH rating.

If you are trying to figure out if you have "enough" battery to power your sound board and LED, you need to first look at the battery output voltage, and how much current your setup needs.

On that note, you said you are using a Luke MR sound board. Doesn't the luke take 6 AA batteries? I don't know if they are all connected in series but if they are then 4 AA's wont be enough voltage for the sound board. Depends on how those cells route power to the sound board normally.

4 AA batteries is enough to drive a Cyan LED if it's K2 or Lux III... but that always depends on how you wire it. You need to set up a resistor to drive enough current to the LED. Or just buy a buckpuck of the proper current rating.

Hope that helps you get started. Be sure to read all kinds of threads here before you power on so you know confidently how it should work.


Jay-gon Jinn
11-18-2007, 09:50 AM
The Luke did use 6 AA's but they were wired parallel for 4.5 volts. The batt pack was a holdover from when the saber was first released as an EL model.