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11-08-2007, 03:51 AM
Hi All!

Well, just found the CSS a couple of days ago. I've been lurking in the forum and reading many posts regarding saber building. I've also decided to make an order. As I live in Sweden the freight charges are quite substancial, so I will try and get all I need in one go.

I am in no way good at electronics but have soldered a couple of simple projects at work. I'm trying to buil a simple starting saber which I can upgrade later. Since I do not wish to send a lot of weird newbie questions to the fine men running the shop (and heroically supplying the world with lightsabers) I figured it a good idea to check a couple of things on this fine forum and the merry members of it.

Here's what I figured I'd need for a simple LED saber (regarding electronics):

6AA Battery holder
Red/Orange Luxeon 3w LED
5 degree lens
On/Off Switch
Buckpuck 1000mA

Do I got it covered? Does the battery holder fit inside the standard MHS parts? Correct voltage for the buckpuck and LED?

My plans for the hilt are:

2x MHS ribbed extension
3" Double female threaded connector
MPS Pommel style 4
Screw on LED blade holder style 3

The plans have me putting the on off switch in the center of the pommel and having the shop drill me a hole in one of the flatter parts of one of the ribbed extensions for a covertechbutton. I plan to use the 3" threaded connector in the middle with the ribbed parts on both sides. Then fill upp the ribbed parts with O-rings.

Will I have any problems fitting the electronics? Do you think I will have any trouble (regarding space) later on fitting a driver board & sound board in there?

There will off course be a blade and the drilling of holding screw(s) for it but I'll try and keep this thread regarding electronics.

Thanks in advance for advice and comments...


11-08-2007, 07:36 AM
electronics wise, that's pretty much the same set up i run in my Noxis saber, with the only difference being i use true red III and a 4 AA instead of 6. runs like a champ.

As for space, you should be ok to add a driver later, as your total usable
length will end up at 10.4 inches (thank you MHS Builder).

If you are planning on sound, I think the majority here will recommend a CF from Erv. If sound is not a huge factor, I've heard great things about the "Corbin Driver" found here in the shop.

11-08-2007, 08:30 AM
Yeah, the 6AA pack is overkill. 4AA is smaller and will do fine and you'll have plenty of room later for upgrades.

It looks like a sound plan though. The buckpuck is hardly bigger than a resistor.

11-12-2007, 12:09 AM
Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like it's going to be a 4AA battery pack. I was a bit worried about it having enough effect but judging by the replys I don't need to worry about that.

Weel, as for sound, I haven't yet decided. It's going to have sound sooner or later. Have to do some research regarding available sound kits.

Thanks for the help guys!

Onli-Won Kanomi
11-12-2007, 01:38 PM
You didn't mention a BLADE...don't forget the polycarbonate blade! They are available here in several types.

Firstly there is consideration of blade thickness...most people use 1" outside diameter blades which fit the bladeholders here nicely - there are now 3/4" blades available here too but those are normally less bright and most useful for people who want to build a 'thin neck' saber similar to Obi ROTS/ANH or Luke ROTJ so I'd stick with a normal 1" diameter.

Next there is the matter of wall thickness - "thinwall" polycarbonate blades are not quite as strong as the "thickwall" but they are slightly brighter since their thinner walls allow a bit more light up...I find the thinwall plenty strong imo but also find the heavier weight of a thickwall makes spinning easier for me and feels more like a 'real sword'...then again the thinwall blades feel more like a 'weightless-blade' lightsaber...it's a matter of personal preference really; your mileage may vary eh?

Since you mention you want to use a buckpuck in this saber then you wont need the "Corbin style" blade which is intended to be used with the Corbin driver also available here to produce 'blade extend/blade retract' special effects...so a normal 1" TCSS blade should serve your present needs quite well with the bladeholder you specified.

But on the other hand since you mention you will want to add sound later be advised that both the Plecter Labs CF soundboards and the Ultrasabers Ultrasound boards will also produce blade extend/retract effects IF you use a Corbin style blade [either the one sold here or the Plecter variation] so if you are intending to use either of those soundboards later you could save yourself some $$ on buying a Corbin type blade for them later by buying it now...I have a Corbin type thickwall battle blade from here and can attest it is very nice and has a small 'light core effect' similar to the sabers in the original trilogy even when used in a saber without an extend retract driver/soundcard...

Conversely if you plan on using a MR Force FX souncard later though you wont need a Corbin type blade since those MR soundcards dont do extend/retract' with Luxeon LED conversions anyway so you could save some $$ now by buying a simple TCSS blade [or alternatively an Ultrablade which also dont do extend/retract] if you plan to use MR sound later.

I know all the different choices available can sound very confusing to a newcomer but we can thank Strydur for giving us so many wonderful options available at the store here to enable us to build sabers 'our way'... :) ...and we were all 'noobs' once and there is plenty of help available from the fine folks here to get you started on building the saber of your dreams...Good Luck!