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01-15-2006, 05:51 PM
can someone post what supplies are need to build luke skywalker and darth vader hilts? please post your answers. thank you in advance

01-15-2006, 06:17 PM
If you want just the hilt that quite easy to answer.

Luke ANH (a new hope) is made from a camera flash commonly called the Graflex 3 cell. There is another one that is often called that but you should know the difference by the looks. The RotJ (return of the jedi) Luke is something you'd have to have machined or molded since it is all custom with no found parts.

The Vader hilt is also a camera flash. The original is an MPP (micro precision products, I believe) but Heiland or King Sol flashes are common substitutes and up for debate on whether they were used on screen.

Once you have those flashes it's a simple act of adding some parts. On the Luke (ANH and ESB) and Vader (ANH and ESB, RotJ is completely different) it's just attaching the rubber grips Tim sells. If you have to substitute a Heiland or King Sol there are more parts to buy but putting it together is no harder.

Unfortunatly these flashes are rare. ebay is your best bet. parksabers.com sells replicas at $120 a pop that are just as functional. On ebay expect to pay at least $50 and upward for mint condition flashes.

You could go for a plain tube and accomplish the general look too. Go to project graflica (in the links section) for reference on the Luke ANH or ESB. Vader's you can use a plain tube since there are just a few holes at the top. Reference partsofsw.com for pics.

Now for LED's (I assume you want to since you posted this in the build an LED forum)...

Buy the Basic LED kit when it's available (Tim's out of stock on the blade holders). The only hitch is you will have to ask Tim to do customize the holder if you do a Vader (the stock holder will not fit) and placement of a switch (there is a existing switch in both of the flashes and their are threads here for adressing replacment switches). Other than that read the tutorials here and come back if you have questions.


01-16-2006, 08:49 AM
just to add to gelu, i built a luke esb and a vader saber from real heiland and a real graflex. on the heiland, i found a small momentary switch that fit in the spot where the lil red button is on the short lil camel hump, for lack of better description, it hooks up to the switch wires from the hasbro board and fires it off just fine. now on the graflex, i found a tiny lil mini momentary switch from allelectronics. it fir right under the top red button. it also hooks up to the switch wires on the hasbro board and pushing the top red button down against the mini switch fires the hasbro just fine.

this is of course if your puttin lux led's in there.

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01-16-2006, 10:45 AM
hey thanks for the info on heiland/graflex substitutes! I found what i was looking for for $20 instead of $120. much appreciated.

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