View Full Version : CFX custom ignition sequence possibilities

10-09-2020, 08:34 AM
Hello all! I'm sorry if this is a question that's been beaten to death, but I couldn't quite find a thread pertaining to this (or sufficient info in the manual):

I just found this great Sidious font that I recently installed, and it includes this staggered, flickered ignition sequence for audio. You can see a video of the saber in action at the provided reddit link (take note of the saber ignition):


My question is: using CFX, would it be possible to program in an ignition sequence for the main LED strip to be similar to one in the video? If you look in the thread, the OP claims that this is impossible with CFX, but I'm not convinced (I did just get the newest version after all). It seems like there might be a way to fiddle with the qon parameters combined with lightstick ignition to get the flickered effect here, but it's a bit outside my knowledge of how to configure this board (this is my first saber build!). I'm hoping to see if anyone here could confirm whether this is possible and provide guidance!

Thank you!