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07-16-2019, 12:06 PM
Hello, I'm new to the forums. Glad to be here.. I have a question..

I got a count dooku saber. The person that mailed it to me, was an idiot and sent the saber in it's original box with just brown paper around. Long story short the post office e bent the box (of course) so the blade has a huge crease and when ignited the red light only goes to the bend..

My question is, are there any blades from like darth maul or vader that I can use to replace the blade? I seen on here the post about turning the blade to a LED which was very helpful to take the saber apart..

I just need to know if there is a blade that I can plug and play? I dont want to go the LED I'm trying to keep it original thank you

07-17-2019, 08:20 AM
i would drive that back to the shipper and beat him with it

07-17-2019, 01:42 PM
You might get a better response with a topic like "Replacement for broken dooku blade" Before clicking, my first thought was that you were trying to make a curved blade and that I didn't really remember Dooku having a curved blade.

07-18-2019, 02:07 AM
Wish I could but I got my money back and i get to keep the saber

07-19-2019, 09:19 AM
well this kit is available: https://www.thecustomsabershop.com/Hasbro-FX-Dooku-conversion-kit-P516.aspx

The blades sold here are either One Inch, 7/8 inch, or 3/4 inch outer diameter :

Can you measure the diameter of the Dooku blade? Also, does the saber light up from one LED in the hilt or is there a string of LEDs that run up the blade? If its a string, and the light stops at the bend, then its a good bet the string itself is broken too, at that point you may as well buy the kit and convert it over to a single LED, or maybe the Neopixel set up. I dont know much about that one though

My girlfriend had an MRFX Obi-Wan that broke in half. The blade for it was slightly smaller than the ones sold here. It would work but i had to wrap some tape around the base to kind of shimmy it in. I only use it for testing purposes anymore though as its not as sturdy as the polycarb blades