View Full Version : Blade flicker not changing

12-16-2018, 12:33 AM
So I finally got a chance to play around with the RICE editor which took some doing to get working. The program is talking to the card and the saber responds to changes in volume. I seem to be getting everything to work well except for one item. I try to adjust the blade flicker speed and depth % but I don't get much change. I can see a subtle change but I'm unable to get a true unstable effect that would go well with the Unhinged font. Other thing I noticed is that my LED is not dimming much if I change the Channel one power from 1000 down to almost zero. I think around 10 it starts to dim a bit and does go out at zero. I'm using a Tri-Cree with a GGW LED. The green LED are wired in series with the positive of channel one on the board going to the positive of the first green, the negative of the first green going to the positive of the second green, then finally the negative of the second green going to the board negative for channel 1. It seems to be operating fine, but just can't change the effect much. I did pull the SD card and found the file had been changed by the RICE editor. Is this just an effect of using two green in series or am I missing something? I did try to search and the only person that had a similar issue didn't adjust the depth percent. Appreciate any help. Thanks!