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08-17-2017, 08:34 PM
Thanks for reading, So I bought these parts what seems like forever ago and then after a good bit of reading decided to put them away while I practiced on a few less fancy things. Fast forward a new house and 2nd child later I think I'm finally ready to give this a go but would like to make sure I have this correct.

I've read over the manual about 4-6 times now and I feel like this should be correct but more input is never a bad thing. It looks as if by using the PCV3 and the Color xtender then I'm not required to put resistors inline to the tri led or am I way wrong in that conclusion?

So my setup is a 7.4v 18500, RICE Port, Recharge Port, 2 AV switches the activation is suppose to light up upon kill key removal, the aux on start up.
It looks like there were a few different ways of lighting the switches is this the "best" way?
also is there a preferred way to wire the RGB led as in is it beneficial to wire Color Channel 1 to a specific color, Color channel 2 to a specific color, and color channel 3 to a specific color?

I realize the speaker is not wired in this as it wasn't something I had any questions about.


Thanks in advance.

08-18-2017, 08:54 AM
Correct about the resistors. The PC provides 1 regulated channel, with the CeX providing the other 2. When using a CeX I wire the led's exactly as you have in your diagram ( R and G, then B going from the right ). Not sure if it's preferred or not, I guess if you did it another way you could just change RICE to BGR or whatever order.
As far as the switches go, you could wire both to accent pads and use the led sequencer to set 1 for idle ( kill key out) and the other for constant on while blade is on. Pretty sure you can do all that anyway.
The benefit if that being, if you wanted to change the behavior of the switches later on, you can just edit the sequencer instead of resoldering a wire somewhere else.
Perhaps someone else can weigh in on that part =)

Happy building!

08-19-2017, 05:33 AM
That actually makes more sense in regards to the accent led and being able to change what they do later.

Thanks for the help everything but those accent leds are wired up and working. Apparently I need a new speaker this one didn't seem to survive after being sloshed around in a drawer for a few years.