View Full Version : CF 8 heat?

Noyl Wendor
01-23-2017, 10:18 PM
I detected an issue....I think. I recently charged the battery in a hilt that is using a CF8 for sound. After making some adjustments to the SD card, and putting it in the board, the sound quit. I had main LED and FOC but no sound.
The current regulator was pretty warm, like hot to the touch warm. A while later I put the SD card back in and it would seem that its working. But the current regulator is still hot to the touch.
1) Could a bad PCB in a battery cause this? (7.4 lit-ion)
2) Current regulators can run warm, but what is too warm?
I'm doing a run through of the wiring, including the charge port. I've checked for bridged pads, none there.
Wondering if anyone has had a really hot current regulator. How did you fix the issue?