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Lord Rudolph
12-02-2016, 02:01 PM
Hello! I was hoping for some wiring assistance. Pg. 40 in the user's manual (see pic) shows the under side of the cf8, with a green box around the 2512 resistor. Does this mean solder/bridge the negative LED wire to these for the die I want to use?

Quick summary: I plan to get a custom tri cree LED. First die/color to the main, second die/color to Accent LED pad #8 (#5, #6, #7 for rbg 5w crystal chamber), and the third die/color to FoC. I'm confused about how/where to wire the FoC negative line.

Any help is appreciated, thanks~!


12-02-2016, 03:45 PM
Yes - you wire the FoC LEC (-) there, but if you bridge those pads you'll need to place your resistor elsewhere on that circuit.

Lord Rudolph
12-02-2016, 06:01 PM
...need to place your resistor elsewhere on that circuit.

Ok... I interpret that as on the red(+) for that die?

Plan to use 7.4V Li-ion 800mAh 14500 and put .5ohm/3w resistors on all three (+) LED [tri-cree]. Please see the pic below for my entire build plan/layout. Can finally submit my order once I know I have the correct layout, parts, and resistors... [I am not insecure about hearing feedback highlighting errors, warning of potential concerns, etc. Welcome it.]

I'm very excited for this build!! Purposefully long on brevity here to honor your time, but can't offer enough gratitude and thanks for the TCSS Saber Institute! (You should coin that!)


http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f304/LordRudolph/Lord%20Rudolph%20Signature%20Series_zpsxrhlmgt5.pn g (http://s50.photobucket.com/user/LordRudolph/media/Lord%20Rudolph%20Signature%20Series_zpsxrhlmgt5.pn g.html)

ps - I have literally spent at least 20 hours studying the owners manual, and almost as much watching your YouTube videos. Just my nature. Doing the work!


Generic Jedi
12-02-2016, 07:29 PM
The accent pads have an output of about 20ma. You want to drive your main LEDs at about 1000ma.

A tri-cree LED has three LEDs on it. Two for the main blade color, and one for flash on clash. If the two main blade LEDs are the same color, you want to wire them in series to the main onboard driver of the crystal focus. If they are different colors, like red and blue for purple, you have to wire one to the main onboard driver and the other to one of the onboard power extenders (not accent pad eight).

The FoC LED gets wired to the other onboard power extender.

You won't need resistors for any LEDs wired to the main onboard driver. You will need resistors for any LEDs wired to the onboard power extenders.

Lord Rudolph
12-03-2016, 05:01 AM
Oh my...

Firstly, thank you, Generic Jedi! After reading/studying your reply and merging it with my manual studies, I feel like I was able to read the manual through fresh eyes. Very grateful that you took the time to share the information you have. Learned much, did I.

For Mancow, Generic Jedi, or anyone else who is reading this, please ignore my mapping pic; I think I wrongly understood the abilities of the cf8. Still going to buy it - just starting my force channeling vision quest afresh. Here's why....

My vision was - I would have the main blade be a bold Amber (Tri-Cree 1), with a very, very slight vibration when on. The Red/Orange die (Tri-Cree 2) would pulse recognizably harder but still slight [my vision was a stable core amber with a darker pulsing undertone of red/orange]. And, the crystal chamber would always maintain, always, with the Tri-cree 2, the deep but recognizable pulse. Red/orange and Crystal chamber maintaining a strong, deep pulse; no flash, no change, just heartbeat.

Then of course the white [Tri-cree 3] add on for FoC.

I thought the #5-#8 accent LED ports would maintain an independent [pulse] setting but I cannot see how the digital parameters would facilitate that.