View Full Version : crystal focus v8 not working

Ambrosius Malachai
06-13-2016, 12:08 PM
so i got my cf wired up. for the most part. See, im using the chasis system and trying to solder when its on the chassis is a pain in the a$$. so i soldered on some small leads to all my connections, so i can then put the cf into the chassis discs, and just solder my stuff to those leads. Before i went and did all this i wanted to test it to see if it works. nothing. i wired up the speaker, and the battery, and the main switch. Nothing happens. no boot sound, pressing the button does nothing. I took the led wires from my aux switch and press it into the "power on" indicator led pad, and the battery negative, and it lit up. meaning the board had power. i tried fixing the connections by twisting the wires to the leads a bit tighter, and now the power on led wont light up either. i can directly wire my main led into the battery and it lights up, so ive got power. Ive never charged the battery since i bought it, but if it can light up a 3.3v led, then it should run the speaker and power button.

06-13-2016, 12:40 PM
Did you reconfigure the SD card from the Latching to Momentary settings? I do not know if that could be the cause, but as I plan my future CF build I know the manual states it is factory set for a latching switch so the board can be tested with only an LED, Speaker, and Battery hooked up. Based on one of your other posts, I would charge your battery before doing anything, since just the LED alone was dim.