View Full Version : PC 3.5 weird led behavior

04-21-2016, 09:36 AM
Hi all.
Finished wiring a PC 3.5 + Cex at 7.4V, and is mostly working well so far. I just can't tell if this is a wiring or a configuration issue.
It fires up fine sound wise, but cycling through colors to red ( channel 1 on the PC itself ) is where the issue is. When I get to anything mixed with red, or red by itself, the others leds seem to be on dimly.
It's a tri-cree R,G,Rb. The blue and green look fine by themselves.

I've charged battery to full, and did a long format and reinstall of default package for now, no tweaking yet.
When voltage is applied via a 3V battery pack, the red comes on fine, full brightness.

Another issue seems to be when I am browsing thru fonts, the green led will flash very dimly when I select a font. Almost didn't notice it.
I've disconnected the accent led's and the switch led for testing.

Advice on where to start?
Thanks a bunch


Edit: Solved by Chewbacca / Zook
In case anyone else has this issue, my power was coming from battery to the Cex, to the PC.
It needs to run battery to PC, to Cex. Works perfectly now.