View Full Version : Crystal focus v8 motion not initiating sounds

03-31-2016, 05:48 PM
Hey I posted this under my other thread but wasn't sure if it was getting seen or not. I wired up my crystal focus and got everything on there right as far as I know. I used a few different writing diagrams to check my work and it fires up and makes the ignition and deactivation sounds and all the aux sounds and sound selection files all seem to work. The swings and any of those sounds that are kicked in by motion. It didn't work from
When I first fired it up and not sure that I did something or not. I wasn't soldering anywhere near the motion sensor nor did solder anywhere other than power and leds and speakers. Any advice would be sweet thanks in advance

Forgetful Jedi Knight
03-31-2016, 05:54 PM
Try adjusting the sensitivity settings on your saber. See manual for details. ;)

04-01-2016, 12:43 AM
Ok I checked it out while it was plugged in to the R.I.C.E. Port and read the configuration from
The card and it was at the normal levels. I will post a picture of that and I tried all the different recommended settings for all of the motion sensitivities and even bottomed them out. Still nothing

04-01-2016, 12:46 AM