View Full Version : Master Replicas with plastic hilt?

02-21-2016, 02:39 PM
I just purchased a Anakin Master Replicas 2005 off of Ebay. When I got it, it looked and felt a little different. It had a rough texture on the handle between the activation box and blade. The area between the activation box and pommel looked normal, but it also sounded like plastic.
I tapped on it, and it felt like chrome plated plastic. I got my magnet out and put it up against another one that I have, and the magnet stuck on that one. On the new one, it did not stick. It is obviously not metal. The only part that is metal is the pommel cap with the trademark and model markings.
The blade length is the same as my other one.
I am looking for a little advice from the people on here that know more about these than I do.
Did Master Replicas's ever make a Anakin with non metal hilt?
If not, what do I have? Is it somebodies attempt to forge one?