View Full Version : US Bladebuilder Econo upgrade almost working

11-07-2015, 06:57 PM

So this is my first project and I've really been thankful for all the help and wiring diagrams here.

I got a US stunt saber and have been working on adding one of the Hasbro soundboards to it.

Right now I'm following this diagram:


It's mostly working - everything powers on, the sound is there... the only issue is with the LED - it is consistently on from the time I put the batteries in. When I press the momentary switch (using the original right now) you can see the light flicker/flutter slightly.. but it doesn't turn off and on solidly as the bladebuilder ones.

The only thing I don't have matched exactly is the transistor type - right now I'm working with a 2n2907 PNP as that's what I had on hand.

I can post pictures if need be, right now it's a bunch of wires everywhere and alligator clips.

11-07-2015, 07:27 PM
Just to add, I bypassed the transistor on the negative and went straight from the board negative to LED negative and the light worked fine as far as blinking on and off, but it did have the issue where if you let it sit for a while it turns itself off. Also it altered the color of the LED, so I assume there's some power draw difference.

Silver Serpent
11-09-2015, 08:03 AM
Not all transistors have their pins in the same order. Check the diagram for your particular transistor. The red wire going to your LED should be the "Collector" pin, the red wire going back to the voltage regulator should be the "Emitter" pin. The Negative wire should be the "Base" pin.

11-09-2015, 07:19 PM
Hey, that was it exactly! Thanks a bunch for your help! Now I just need to wire up the switch and do some cram-fu + greeblies.