View Full Version : Suggestion: How to fit 2W Bass into V4/V6 respectively?

07-13-2015, 03:11 PM
Any time I try to fit the 2W Bass speaker into the V4/V6 holder it doesn't seem to fit into the channel and just rests on top. I've tried the card/mat method that Rob shows in the vids but it always seems to just pop back out

07-13-2015, 03:16 PM
Did you use any putty or adhesive? If so, make sure the speaker isn't twisted or warped by laying it on a flat surface for reference

10-21-2015, 07:37 PM
Can I hijack this thread for a similar question? I'm trying to fit my 28mm premium speaker into a V5 speaker mount (http://www.thecustomsabershop.com/MHS-speaker-mount-V5-For-28mm-Speakers-P887.aspx) with no luck. What I do is I put the speaker on top of a flat surface and the mount over it. But as I push down on the edges, it doesn't seem to go in no matter how much force I push on it. The speaker outer diameter seems to be a little too big for the mount inner diameter. Any tips or suggestions?

10-21-2015, 08:46 PM
Make sure the solder pads area is not larger than the outer black portion of the speaker. I have installed a lot of these and sometimes will need to sand that area or take the dremel to the inside lip of the speaker to chamfer the edge a bit. Once it pops in place it should stay there with no problems.

10-22-2015, 12:39 PM
Thanks Tim for the suggestion! I finally got it in but also by shaving the edges of the mount. In effect, I got it to eventually "slide" into place (albeit with a great deal of effort). I was careful not to touch the center of the speaker so hopefully it will be working when I get it connected to the Nano Biscotte!