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06-17-2015, 12:35 AM
Hi to all, I hope i'm writing in the right session.

I'm from Italy and i have 2 projects, one about a total upgrade of my Luke ROTJ (Hasbro) ugraded with a in hilt led in 2008, and one to repair my Ultrasaber.

In order:
- LUKE UPGRADE: My wish is to convert this old Hasbro to a new style, removing the original switch to a AV switch and a total upgrade in electronics, with a powerful LED (maybe 6w?) and a new soundboard, I'd like the Nanobiscotte. More difficult task is to improve it with a recharge port and another switch to change the color of the blade from green to red. I don't want the colors fade from one to another, just a simple change Grren or Red, so i don't have to substitute the LED every time, I want to change my Fight Style :cool:

I hope it's clear :rolleyes:

- Ultrasaber (Shock RGB) repair: I need a total electronics as before, but in this case i wish to trasform it in a simple one-color green LED, with recharge port and sound.

Now the question: What I need to do all of this stuff? The project that I care more is the LUKE upgrade.

Thanks in advance to all!!! :D

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06-23-2015, 06:41 AM
Patience, don't forget the time difference. I suspect that even FJK needs to sleep sometime :mrgreen: