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01-14-2015, 01:36 PM
I looked around but i didn't see anything in any of the threads pertaining to what techniques to use for The 2w 20mm speakers. http://www.thecustomsabershop.com/2w-20mm-Speaker-P837.aspx modifying a 28 mm speaker holder or some other way to use one in a mhs v1 hilt.
Has anyone tried. I really don't want to try to stick one in a speaker holder for the 28mm premium speaker. knowing me I'd end up using A&Bputty or something stupid where if the speaker craps out on me I wouldn't be able to get it out.

Any thoughts?

If someone has already posted something about th this topic, then I do apologize. I did look, but I sometimes overlook things too.

01-14-2015, 04:39 PM
Out of curiosity, what made you decide to use the mini speaker?

01-14-2015, 05:11 PM
4:48 of this video might help.


01-14-2015, 06:04 PM
Thanks Madcow. Cvsicle, I haven't purchased on yet, but When I made a saber for my girlfriend, i put her ignition switch on the pomel. I had to Carve a notch in the speaker holder to compensate for the wires and use some o-rings to use as spacers so the speaker holder would not be flush against the pomel. When the Pommel was flush against speaker the wires would get damages causing ignition problems. I was thinking about a recharge port in the pommel for my next saber I was trying to weigh out my options and I'm planning on staying with the MHS v1 body style.

01-14-2015, 06:14 PM
Ah. Yes, that can get tricky. I did a similar thing in my recent build. I used a file to cut out some notches in a v5 speaker holder to pass wires for a recharge port and a RICE port. 6 wires total. Used some heatshrink and hot glue to protect the wires and keep them from moving.

01-15-2015, 10:14 AM
LoL! I used the same speaker mount and pommel for my girlfriend's saber. I ended up using some electrical tape instead of heat shrink, but yeah that's pretty much what I did too. Yours looks much nicer. That's why i was wondering about a smaller speaker. If there was a speaker mount that held the speaker in the middle I'd have a little more room to carve out the notches a little easier without getting too close to the speaker. You'll be close, but have a little more wiggle room for the wires to get around.