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06-07-2014, 11:37 PM
I am Still new to Building Sabers as this is my first and i am still overwhelmed mainly because I have seen Many beautiful Sabers out there that are all
custom made in a Mechine shop, and feel very much outclassed as I do not have access to all that machinery. I am pleased that Tim has Services like
Tapping threads and so on witch is what i will use but I am vary limited on tools for Cutting parts, even making A shroud witch is what I want too.

I have An LED Engin RGBA and was wandering If the New style Blade holders, Heat-sink Lenses, Exc.. are compatible with that LED.

Also If I want to use A PCv3 with GREEN for the first blade color and AMBER for the Second and White FOC
How would I wire the Dies up.

and 3rd If I want to have an internal chassis that is joined so the back half screws off like in my Diagram below,
what chassis Part can I use to secure it to the 3" female Extension where the Switches are?
Based on my diagram would it be best to have the PC3, Battery and Speaker behind the Chamber(Window)?

If I am using the Chassis parts in TCSS store how do I Cut the threading rods and Spacers to the correct length
For the PC, Do I need A PEx and CEx if Wanting thos colors and Foc? and is there any Tutorial on how to wire the SB to the LED, Battery/Charge Jack and Switches(What connects to what)?

What extra parts would I need for say A LITHIUM ION Battery, the PC and AV Switches, Charge Port other then wiring?
(PCB? Exc....)

This Is my First Saber and would like to build it on my own or at leat get it startes but want room for A Sabersmith to install A CC later.


Forgetful Jedi Knight
06-08-2014, 07:15 AM
To answer your questions:

Yes, the newer heat sinks are compatible with the LedEngins.

Normally, you would just wire up the Blue, Green and Red and use the PC to mix the colors you want - read through the PC manual. It also would cover your other wiring questions.

To secure your chassis, something like this: http://www.thecustomsabershop.com/Chassis-Disc-style-4-P793.aspx would likely be your best bet. You would need a Dremel with a cutting wheel (or something similar) to cut things like threaded rods and things like that to length. The Dremel would also be your best bet for the Shroud work.

Because of the design you "chose", you have kind of limited yourself as to what you can do internally, because some of the pieces you chose (ribbed extension) have a smaller inside diameter. My advise is to wait until Tim can let you know if this design can be done, and go from there.

Also, since you have Darth Alice consulting on this (since it sounds like he would be doing the crystal chamber) I'll defer to him to weigh in on your internal layouts, since he would ultimately have to deal with them. I do believe he would also advise you to see if Tim can/would be willing to do this design first, before going too far ahead on planning the internals.