View Full Version : My first project is finished!

05-15-2014, 01:19 AM
I just got done! The hilt is an 03 Vader ANH. I converted it to a flashlight. I used an existing CREE flashlight head which I turned in a lathe to fit in the shroud. The button on the side of the clamp box is a mute for the sound. I had a lot of fun doing this. My next project will be more involved. I've learned a lot!

05-24-2014, 10:43 PM
Looks nice. It's always good to learn helpful things like that, and it turned out well. Best of luck on your next project. :D

Lord Dottore Matto
05-25-2014, 01:21 AM
Good job :)

05-25-2014, 01:28 PM
Nice Job! I envy you for being able to work with a lathe, it's something I also aim to learn, it's nearly a must in this hobby.