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11-13-2013, 01:23 PM
Hello All.

Hope this section is still being followed by the powers that be. I am new to this stuff, but have some background in electronics (even though I am about 20 years removed), so here is the deal.

I bought a LED with color BH(magenta/pink) that is powered off of 4AAA alkalines. I had no issues with the sound working, but an issue with the LED. When I tested it on the Darth Maul Ultimate FX board, the color was pink/magenta for a moment, but then turned red. I am assuming that since the original LED was red, the board setup for the previous LED was at a lower voltage than what is required to run the color.

With that said, I was thinking about options and wanted some experienced opinions as to how I could go about this? My initial thought was to introduce a LM317 to the soundcard to decrease the voltage to the card and run it in parallel with the LED, then I read in the other place that the board can handle 6V, so I could possibly connect the board in parallel without any heating issues. I understand that with either of these options, I lose the LED flash that the Ultimate FX provides, but I would still get the sound, which is my only real objective here.

See my proposed design and check please. I have not done this type of stuff in quite some time. :)

First question: Will this work and which one would the most efficient for battery preservation?

Second: Is there any alternative to this without giving up the flash?

Third: Is it a board issue at all (i.e. the combination of Economy Sound and BH LED power requirements are too high for a 4AAA battery pack)?

Insight and Opinions Wanted.

Thanks Peeps.