View Full Version : A guide to switch styles and types

10-09-2013, 09:55 AM
There are two main switch types, latching and momentary.

A momentary switch only completes the circuit as the switch is held down. This type of switch is generally only used with sound modules designed for them.

A latching switch completes the circuit until the switch is pushed again. This type of switch is used for most non sound module setups and buckpuck setups.

There are three main styles of switches that we offer which are standard, guarded, and anti vandal (AV). For each of these styles of switches we have services and parts made to hold each specific one.

Standard style switches are installed from inside the hilt and stick up through a hole and use a nut on the outside to hold them in place.

Guarded style switches are installed from outside the hilt and are held in place by a nut on the inside of the hilt which can be tricky to install.

AV switches are installed from outside the hilt and held in place by a nut on the inside. We also offer many boxes made to mount the AV switches. Most AV switches have a accent LED built into them that can be used to show when power is on. A "AV switch hole" is just a 16mm hole in the body and is normally used along with a AV switch bezel. A "Recessed AV switch hole" has a hole for the switch but also has a flat spot for the switch to rest on and does not require a AV bezel.