View Full Version : Some Sound Font Ideas

08-22-2013, 07:47 AM
This was a thread I started over on the IRA Forums, but I thought since there were more people, and in particular, more high profile sabersmiths and sound font makers here, than I should share this with all of you.
I thought it would be cool to post ideas for sound fonts. Maybe a sound font maker will see something in the lists here than inspires him/her, and one of our ideas could be created! Wouldn't that be neat!

So here are a few of my own ideas, feel free to post yours too! (Blaster Fonts as well)

Krayt Dragon- although LordBlako is already working on this one apparently, but it could be done again with a different direction :)
(Naga Sadow's) Poison Blade
Sand People's Gaffi Stick
General Grevious' Bodyguards' Shock Staff
Wookiee Warblade
Boba Fett
Mandalorian Repeater

One that came up on the IRA Forums was a Scott Pilgrim Sword Font

Just a few ideas :) Please, post yours too!