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Frank Harris
03-04-2013, 08:13 PM
I just got a P.C 2.0 with dark meat and I love it! It sounds great in my saber! I want to get some more sound fonts but I can't make up my mind on which to get? As I start to play the previews on saberfont.com they all start to come together and I get confused on what I like! I was wondering what you guys all like and why. Please post your opinion and help me make up my mind on what to get! Thanks!

03-04-2013, 08:22 PM
Madcow's "Vader OT". I've used it in the past three sabers I've built and I love it. It feels like a classic lightsaber and has that real "original trilogy" feel. It's an incredible font. It's.. just unreal. I haven't used it with a red or Sithy lightsaber, but I imagine it would be awesome.

I also like Novastar's "Episode 3 Obi-Ani". It's good for getting two fonts for the price of one. I prefer the Obi-Wan version, but that's just me; I prefer a fast, very active lightsaber soundfont.

03-04-2013, 10:09 PM
I have two equal favorites. First is Madcow's Korriban font, which is the main font I use for my saber. It's got a really nice aggressive hum, that in my opinion could be either sithy or jedi. The swings are mostly classic sounding, with the clashes sounding prequel-ish is a good mix. Also it has my favorite ignition sound, the "snap hiss" similar to Luke's in ROTJ. I plain love it.

Second, but not far off, is Nightstorm' The Force Unleashed 2 Remastered. I love this font simply because I love the Galen Marek character and the sounds of the font make match the games perfectly and also work for either a jedi or sith saber. All around just a great font.

03-05-2013, 12:12 AM
I have an almost-completed Vader for a friend so I picked up "Vader OT", it's amazing. Just wouldn't be a Vader saber without those iconic sounds.

Personally tho, for my Sith saber, it's Korriban all the way. For fun I like Novastar's Ancient Saber and Madcow's Calibrate (a must have with a crystal chamber and/or PLI strip).

03-05-2013, 10:14 AM
I have Madcow's Korriban on the sith build I am working on, and let me tell you, it is more than a Dooku font, it is THE quintessential sith font. The swings have that deep synthetic buzz to them, the clashes are short and crisp and the force lightning is just unreal. For Jedi fonts I really like Novastar's Episode 2. It has lots of classic effects.

Darth Nater
03-05-2013, 08:28 PM
The first font I got was Korriban and kept it for about a month before switching to Vader OT. I haven't found anything I liked better thus far. But its hard to beat anything that sounds like, looks like, or even smells like episode IV.

03-05-2013, 08:31 PM
Rain sizzle, I love the sound on this one. So much so that I like it on as a background 'white noise' when relaxing at home. But as a saber file this is just plain fun, rain or shine.

Frank Harris
04-20-2013, 04:27 PM
I bought the korriban sound font and I like it but the volume is a little low for my taste! The dark meat font that came with the PC is so loud that my wife complaines it is to loud!

04-20-2013, 05:50 PM
Two of my favorite fonts are "Graflex V" and "MPP HD".

These are not on saberfont.com but rather sold independently by a fellow who goes by the name of Juansith on the FX-Sabers forum. They are 100% screen accurate fonts of Luke and Vader's sabers from Empire Strikes Back. (Graflex V being Luke's and MPP HD being Vader's). Believe me when I say that these are SPOT ON! They are so freaking accurate and they are absolutely incredible. That might be a path you wish to take.

Here's his demo video of Graflex V

and MPP HD.

04-20-2013, 07:51 PM
I'm a big fan of Madcow's stuff

Frank Harris
04-20-2013, 09:01 PM
Yes! Madcow's stuff does rock!!!

04-20-2013, 11:23 PM
Madcows Shatterpoint has always been a favorite of mine, but Links artificial intelligence font N.I.C.O.L.E is my current favorite. I have that on every saber I own right now.

04-21-2013, 01:17 AM
I haven't extensively used many fonts, because it was such a pain to get them swapped out on my first build. That will change in the new configuration. Until then, it's actually going to be Dark Meat for my favorite. I love my Igniter, and they did such a good job putting together sound fonts for it, but...I kicked on my PC 1.5 for the first time and heard that classic Vader ignition and I was hooked. I have always been a Vader fan and probably always will be.

Lightsabers are not "whee happy fun time". They are dangerous, effective, deadly tools for protecting oneself from hostiles. To me, the sound of a saber should reflect this. I know there are a lot of mid and upper range hums and swings, and many of them sound great, but to me a saber should sound powerful; menacing. This means a low, rumbling hum, aggressive swings and clashes. The very sight and sound of a saber igniting should be enough to end a fight, let alone witnessing its cutting power. Dark Meat does that for me.

Maybe I'm just a Sith at heart. ^_^

04-22-2013, 04:29 PM
That Vader font was sick. All I heard in my mind was his breathing in the background. Lol. I don't have a Petit Crouton saber yet but when I do I might either get Korriban, Sithlord Unleashed, or Vader OT. Then I'll let you know which is my favorite. I'm doing a secret Sith build. ;o

04-22-2013, 04:54 PM
Just be sure you're careful when soldering the switch contacts. I was inexperienced and managed to bridge five pins of the large IC in the center of the board. I was using the wrong kind of solder and the board was held at a steep angle in my helping hands; the solder ran straight into the IC's pins and fused them. I was able to clear the pins recently, and all is well, but I'm sure that's more to do with being fortunate than being skilled.

If you haven't experienced the PC yet, I would say it's definitely worth it to get one. There are other boards with more features, but this one will get you up and running pretty quick/simple. I know I like it. I think you'll be hard-pressed to find many people who don't.

Anyway, not trying to derail the topic; just wanted to throw in that tidbit of experience for those who haven't handled the PC before. Proceed.

04-23-2013, 08:53 AM
Hhmmmm.... ok lets play!

From Novastar:

- Crystalline workshop is the most epic font ever (for crystal chamber sabers)
- Yoda (Vocal's)

From Nightstorm:

- Jk2 Outcast
- TFUR:USE <----- BEST FONT EVER CREATED As far as for me personally (Sry but through my build Im deeply connected to that font)

From Shadeslinger:

- Valkyrie

From Madcow:

- Hero
- Shatterpoint
- Revenge
- Korriban

(... Actually just buy them all)


From Juansith: (at fx sabers)

- CfV Legends

nuff said...


Some from our very own TCSS family!!

From Phoenix Reborn/Jedi:

- Pre Vizsla (<- the darksaber from clone wars)
- Savaage Oppress

From Sekrogue1985:

- The duelist
- The Brawler


A Long live the FREESIDE font from Lordblako: (Go check out his other fonts!)

Super Mario!

And a request.... PLEASE Tell Sunrider we want "Electrum" on Cf/Pc2.0


04-23-2013, 10:04 AM
All of Madcow's fonts, are my favorite.

05-17-2013, 03:57 PM
I have yet to build my lightsaber and I have only looked at saberfonts.com but so far my favourite one and the one I will most likely use would be madcow's hero font, I love the sound of luke's lightsaber in ROTJ and I had a fx version of luke's lightsaber (the green glow was darker than it should have been so it was better) as a kid until my dad broke it fighting my uncle :( and my lightsaber is going to be green so I think it will suit very well.

02-08-2017, 04:11 PM
I have not done this process yet either but I have looked at some of the fonts and I tend to gravitate to the evil and unstable sounding fonts. Bane, fallen, ancient saber, and ghosts of the grey all come to mind. I have also checked out a few of the dual phase crystal fonts that sound like some internal arcing is going on (Crossguard VII, Ruinga, Sacrifice, Star Wars The Old Republic Unstable). Makes you wonder if your saber is going to blowup in your hand, epic. I am a fan of Lord Blako, Madcow and novastar all have some really cool fonts out there as well.