View Full Version : Suggestions for saber activation

01-05-2011, 01:51 PM
Hey, everyone. I was directed to post this to the forums from the sales office, so maybe you can give me a few recommendations or suggestions.

I’ve purchased a cheap Starkiller saber off eBay, I think it was a MachinedFX saber creation. It has a faux machined button covertec (that is too large for the covertec brand clip, as well) that uses the center ring sold on this site with the machined covertec to screw into a SPST Push on/off mom switch with black button (Switch07). When attaching with a Covertec, it turns the saber on or off, which is a pain as well.

So I’m looking for a suggestion in the way of making something a little sleeker in activation. I’ll drill a new covertec hole in the opposite side, making it more ‘screen’ accurate for wear, but still need an activation option. I really like the ‘flat’ momentary switches like MRNB (the saber lights blue) or switch18, since the hole is on the ‘brass’ part of the saber. The hole seems to be 3/8” diameter. Can anyone give me a recommendation for parts to use one a flatter switch to accomplish this?


01-14-2011, 05:22 AM
have you considered just moving the switch to the pommel? and leave the rest alone just unhooked.. that way at least it wont go on and off while on the belt clip(wow that sounds embarrasing) and you wont have to put new holes or cover existing ones in the hilt. I hope this helps