View Full Version : can i get a link? its the last step.

10-14-2010, 10:44 AM
i am trying to install a lithium ion rechargeable battery pack. i have the recharge port, the batteries, the pack, the kill plug, the charger, the adapter for the charger, and the PCB.

i have been searching for hours on end for over a week and can not find any threads on wire diagrams for the Protection circuit board... can any1 just reply with a link to a thread that has one if there is one??

maybe i missed it, but trust me! i been trying to find it!

i know every1 says READ READ READ

i dont argue that, theres PLENTY to read. but now i am stuck, plz HELP!

it is the last piece of the puzzle to my exposed crystal chamber saber with anti vandal switch, everything else works.

i just cant fit all the wire in cuz theres no room. i need this set up to remove to batteries and close it all up.

here's a video of what i got so far...


10-14-2010, 11:01 AM
i've attached a wiring scematic for a common 7.4V 2 cell PCB. the other PCBs are labeled the same, so if you can figure this one out, you should be good.

anyway, the batteries hook up to B-, com, and B+. the positive hooks to P+ and the negative to P-. these labels are common on all PCBs i've seen.

good luck! ^_^