View Full Version : CONVERTING your NSCFCDs from ".raw" to ".wav" (for CFv5.x owners)

09-06-2010, 11:03 PM
It's actually easy to "convert" an older copy of the NSCFCDs:

1. Pop the NSCFCD that you wish to convert into your machine. Doesn't matter which it is.
2. Find a free sound editing program such as Goldwave or Audacity.
3. Open it, and find the "File" pulldown tool called "Batch Conversion" (Goldwave).
4. Find the CD drive, select it, and choose "also include all subfolders"
5. IMPORTANT: Choose ONLY *.RAW files to change!! Otherwise, you'll have *.*... which will change even "config.txt" into "config.WAV", and so forth, lol!!

Now, PLEASE NOTE: this isn't some kind of travesty if you DO accidentally change .TXT files into .WAV ... because firstly you can change change it right back (rename config.wav config.txt) and also (duh) the files are safe on the CD too, so if you jack it all up for the conversion... all you have to do is A) rename the files correctly or B) start over and do it right.

I suggest "B", hahahah...

5. Opt to change/convert the file format to (duh) .WAV, mono, 16-bit.
6. Offer a place to save all that stuff to... for example, some folder on your computer drive/desktop/special drive/whatever like E:/Novastar's CD 1
7. Done!

It may take a long time, but it should work great. Additionally of note, any files that were already .WAV files will not change... but those are few and far between on the CDs, and are usually extras.