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01-28-2010, 02:48 AM
So after several days of intense reading and research (one of the few advantages of being unemployed atm) I think I've got just about everything figured out. For my first build I'm just going to go with a lighted display piece. I'm not too concerned about sound with this one. Well that's not totally true... I was going to tear apart an old '95 Vader saber I had lying around, but after I found the diagram for it here, with it's wonky, clash sensor, I decided to not use it. So here we go, just wanted to run this by the pro's real quick.

The main body:
7" Fluted with switch hole
MHS choke style 1 short
Screw on LED blade holder style 13
MPS Pommel style 4

The guts:
Luxeon Collimator Lens 10 deg viewing angle
Luxeon III/V Lens Holder
BuckPuck 1000mA 6-wire
4AAA battery holder
DPDT Latching green illuminated switch
150ohm 1/4w resistor
Seoul P4 (Green)

So that's essentially what I'm gonna make it out of, and yes I have also selected a clip and pommel insert. I have also added covertec button, blade retention screw, and a few accent LED's. I know there's no blade, but as I mentioned before, it's mostly going to be a display piece. I may purchase a blade at a later time.

I've also noticed that the AV bezel's are currently out of stock, hopefully there will be more when I finally get around to placing my order in the next few days. *fingers crossed*

I'm also planning on ordering something to make a shroud out of as well.

Oh yeah... I also know that the switch hole needs to be made bigger for the AV, but I have a drill press so I can take care of that myself, as well as any other holes that need to be made.

I really only have a couple of questions, which are pretty simple. First, can the sink tubes be powder coated? And second, this one is more for my next saber, I know I need a latching switch for the buckpuck, but when I do make a saber with a sound board, do the momentary AV switches stay lit while the saber is on, or does it just light up when I press the button down?

Well that's about it for now, and I look forward to a long and loving relationship with all of my fellow saber enthusiasts. :mrgreen:

01-28-2010, 06:05 AM
Yes, sinktubes can be powdercoated. Though I suggest you do all your cutting of it first as to not see the edges. The AV switches' LED is individually addressable, so it can be on from the moment you pull the kill plug, or you can wire it PPO with the main LED so it is on when the main LED is on. Sounds like you got everything else pretty much nailed down. Good luck and post pics!

Cantina Chef
01-28-2010, 08:15 AM
Trust me once your done building it and you turn it on and there is no sound you will cry a little inside...if your worried about the clash sensor, I recently used one of those vader boards and eliminated the clucky sensor that it came with with one from TCSS. It's like $.50 it worked perfect and takes up no room at all...just my two cents... Good luck with the build cant wait to see pics.

01-28-2010, 03:05 PM
Hmm.... Chef you've peaked my curiosity. Any chance you could post some pics of your wiring for that Vader board, or perhaps a rough wiring diagram of what you did. I do totally agree with you that it's going to be pretty sad with it being all flashy but no sound. Also, what sort of power supply are you running that board off of, and does it power the LED's sufficiently, as in are they still pretty bright?

And Fender... thanks for the input, and yeah, I planned on powder coating everything right before my final assembly. Luckily I've got a buddy who owns a powder coating business so I have the luxury of doing that.