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  1. CF Video Wiring Guide!
  2. Video: Tips for cutting a custom shroud
  3. Video: Tips for wiring and soldering a sound board
  4. Video: wiring a recharge port
  5. Video: Speaker installation
  6. Video: Where to find parts
  7. Video: Wiring a multi die LED
  8. Video: Drill and tap your blade retention screw
  9. Video: clean an lube your MHS threads
  10. Video: Line up Threaded parts
  11. Video: Choosing the right switch and switch hole
  12. Ideas for future videos
  13. Video: Detailed tutorial for a basic saber with sound
  14. Video: How to do "Madcow-esque" style switches.
  15. Video: How to do a basic crystal chamber
  16. Video: MHS builder features
  17. Video: Internal chassis construction
  18. Video: Config files for NB and PC
  19. Video: Wiring a Momentary to latching converter
  20. Video: Flash on Clash using a PEx
  21. Video: Power Level Indicator for box style 1
  22. Video: Basic Saber with Sound STYLE 2
  23. Video: Custom Colors Made Simple
  24. Video: Beginners guide to wiring AV switches
  25. Video: NB3 and onboard PEx
  26. Video: Finding my Resitor
  27. Video: MPS pommels, inserts, and clips
  28. Video: CF8 Crystal Illumination
  29. Video: RICE interface
  30. Video: Even Blade Illumination
  31. Video: 18650 Battery Holder tips
  32. Video: 2w speaker and speaker mount
  33. Video: NeoPixel PCB Wiring
  34. Video: LS6 Crystal and Box Assembly
  35. Video: Plecter Pixel Blade Construction
  36. Video: Wiring a CFX